Many Colors in the Ga[y]ming Rainbow

LGBT Gaming

I'm a casual gamer. I used be a hardcore gamer, but as I've gotten older I've found that my time is being consumed by work, relationships, and community. My youth was spent mashing away on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact my first man crush was over the box art for the first Castlevania. Simon Belmont looked mighty fine to a totally confused adolescent.

I recently ran across an article on about a new documentary called Gaming in Color. This is a fascinating look at the complex relationship the LGBT community has with the gaming industry. The documentary was quite good and provided a view from a wide spectrum of the LGBT community including allies and detractors.

At first glance it may seem that the two (gaming and LGBT) are mutually exclusive, but if you stop and think about it the desire to see someone like ourselves is universal. We have come to expect LGBT people in books, movies, and even television shows. Why should the gaming community be any different? In fact I would argue that an interactive story may be more important that the passive experience of watching or reading other media.

What I find most interesting is the comment section of the article. There is a wide gamut of opinions, some expressed succinctly, others with all the hatred and vitriol the Internet has to offer. I encourage you to go through some of the comments. It can be both uplifting, enlightening, and a little depressing.

I reached out to the director of Gaming in Color and he was kind enough to allow us to show the documentary for no charge. He is really interested in getting the word out and wants as many people to see it as possible. He only asks that if we screen the movie we link to his site and the documentary from the South Georgia Pride site. He has also offered to list our movie night (if we find a good location and time).

I am in the process of trying to bring back a South Georgia Pride Movie Night. I have a great projector that we could use and am working on a location. I think Gaming in Color would be a great kickoff movie.

Beyond the Documentary

Today I ran across yet another article about the LGBT community and the gaming industry.

Nintendo has generated some controversy of their own. They recently released a 3DS title that allowed characters to get married and have kids. In the original Japanese release of the game there was a "bug" that allowed two Mario characters to marry and have kids, but not two Princess Peach characters. 

Nintendo later urged players to update the game if they "noticed human relationships that become strange." Strange? Thanks for that Nintendo. I sure don't consider my relationship strange.

Below is a link to the article on Engadget. There is currently a call to use the hashtag #Miiquality to bring attention to the matter.

Nintendo Responds to Marriage Equality Campaign for Life-Sim Game

Also of note is the Gaymer X gaming convention that has been running for the last few years. Unfortunately this is the last year of the formal convention, though the director insists that it is not gone for good.

South Georgia Pride Movie Night

Would you be interested in watching this documentary? Let me know your thoughts, both on Movee Night and LGBT Gaming in the comments.