Pride Festival 2014 Entertainment

J U L I E   S C H U R R

Julie Schurr

Julie Schurr

Julie Schurr has been involved with music for nearly her whole life, performing in choral groups, orchestras, and bands. In 2007, Julie made the choice to take her solo project on the road, and has been making  big impressions everywhere. Julie’s unique combination of rock, hard folk, and comedy (a mix she lovingly refers to as “indierockbitchfolk”) within her acoustic performances has gained her large followings among her primary demographics - the womens’ and LGBT communities. Her easy performance style, stunning vocals, and impressive lyrics have proven to trancend all age and gender categories, though - she is attracting fans from all conceiveable audiences.  

Julie decided to take her music on the road in early 2007. Frustrated by the lack of support given to female acoustic artists in her area, she set out to find communities who would embrace her music. And she had no problem finding them. In less than a year, Julie went from playing regional showcases to being invited to national festivals and venues across the country, headlining Pride festivals nationwide, and sharing top billing with performers such as God-des and She, Michelle Malone, Eric Himan, Garrison Starr, and Jen Foster.  With the backing of a rapidly expanding national (and worldwide) fan base and glowing reviews on her first album, “To Her (The Bittersweet),” Julie began working on many new music projects, including her recently released sophomore CD, “Boi In The Girls’ Room,” which includes a guest appearance by musician/rapper God-des.


D Y L A N   M I C H A E L

Dylan MIchael

Dylan MIchael

Dylan Michael is a 25 year old pop singer/songwriter in the Atlanta area. Described, by DJ Mike Pope of Atlanta, as the love child between Britney Spears and NIN, his sound is unique. While staying in a pop vein, his musical style is diverse. His balls-to-the-wall, "stay true to yourself" style has gotten him attention all over the country, from straight AND gay media outlets. As Taylor Magill, of Atlanta Music Guide, has said, "with the voice of Kelly Clarkson and the originality of Lady Gaga, is one to look out for!"

Dylan has been featured on radio shows such as "OUTing the Music Industry" and "Artists Exposed with Tym Moss" as well as being featured on NerdyFrames, David Atlanta Magazine and performing at PRIDE festivals nationwide, including Pensacola, Savannah and Atlanta PRIDE(s). He is currently working with DJ D of Britney Spears fame on his upcoming freshman album "Vandalized."


S P I K E Y    V A N    D Y K E Y

Spikey Van Dykey has been a leading Male Illusionist & Drag King entertainer for 10 years. 
He first hit the stage making his debut in Birmingham Alabama at The Quest Club in October of 2000. He is the former Mys-Her Gay Pride ( BirminghamAL), Mr Phoenix ( Birmingham AL), The King of Hearts 2005 (Tampa FL), and the Winner of SHE King (Miami FL) 2006. Shortly after being crowned, he took a break from the competition arena to persue his role as show director and coordinator of Spikey and The After Midnites, and join the cast of Thee VaudeVillains, a burlesque revue. He is also a former Mister NY USofA MI 2011 and Currently the One for All Magazine Knoxville TN EOY winner. Spikey has discovered a way to combine his love for art, music, self expression, and acting; through a character of his own creation.

His love for the art of gender bending lead him to engineer a new binding technique in 2003, that was soon to be used by by kings all over the US and Canada. A tribal desisgn made to conceal the chest and other secrets to further the illusion. Spikey continues to perform solo and with his cast throughout the South East, at Pride events, and Charity events such as Pensacola Memorial Weekend Unleashed, Gay Days , Savannah Pride, Aqua Girl Miami , Mac Viva Glam,  Diva Invasion Orlando UCF, FSU, SU ( Syracuse NY University ) Nikki Beach White Party and has been featured in the documentary "Me as He" and "Spikey Van Dykey: the Documentary." He is driven by his fans and his passion: Performance Art.

He has performed along side musical acts such as: Kristy Lee, The Genetorturers, Uh huh her, Goddes & She, Beverly Mcclellen, and Jojo as well as the cast members of the hit series "the Real L Word" and Leisha Hailey from the Original L Word cast.

M I L Y S S A  R O S E


Milyssa Rose was born in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of six, her family relocated to Marietta, GA. She always knew that entertainment was her aspiration. Growing up, she participated in Community Theatre, modeling, commercials and talent shows. Milyssa also has been studying with a vocal coach for many years to perfect her craft.

Milyssa is a Pop Artist with an edge. Her voice is powerful, soulful and has dynamic range. Milyssa’s CD has a song for everyone. She explores Pop, Rock, Club Bangers and Hip Hop collaborations. Milyssa prides herself on being versatile and thinking outside the box. She hopes to continue to grow as an artist and performer.


Kocktok is an Andro-Punk band from Valdosta, Georgia. Their debut album, Slimey Moments, was released on August 23, 2014. Being a two piece band (drums and guitar) sets them apart from their contemporaries. Their unique sound inspires images of a surf-punk revolution and is sure to get your heart racing.

You can download their 4 demo tracks from Slimey Moments for free.